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Issues and Victories

Each Metro IAF affiliate selects its own issue priorities locally.

Collectively we have amassed a track record of success in solving some of the nation's most pressing problems, and we have inspired national change.

  1. Criminal Justice

  2. Voter Engagement

    Metro IAF is a national leader in non-partisan civic engagement work, proving that volunteer-based face to face voter contact can be organized at a large scale and can have a transformative impact on voting rates in communities with histories of low participation.

  3. Senior Issues

    Metro IAF affiliates in metropolitan New York, metropolitan Baltimore and Washington, metropolitan Chicago, statewide in North Carolina, and in greater Boston have been engaging leaders who are seniors in a wide range of ways and initiating action on a broad set of issues, including: senior housing preservation and construction, expanding home health care options for seniors, identifying cost savings for seniors in the context of the implementation of health reform, and preserving and strengthening social security.


  4. Public Safety

    Metro IAF affiliates work to make sure urban communities are safe places to live.

  5. Neighborhood Development

    Metro IAF organizing has resulting in hundreds of millions of dollars in investment in neighborhoods that would otherwise be neglected -- and the results can be seen in new streets, new schools, new parks, new community centers, and new public spaces.

  6. Environment

    Metro IAF organizations have led nationally in environmental cleanup litigation and the creation of green jobs.

  7. Education and Youth

    Metro IAF's education victories range from launching high-performing schools to developing system-wide afterschool programs that transform educational outcomes for young people.

  8. Community Building

    Metro IAF organizing connects people together across religion, race, economics, and geography to work collaboratively for social change.  

  9. Financial Reform

    Through the "10 Percent is Enough" campaign (, Metro IAF organizations have led the national call for curbs on usurious interest rates in lending.  Our individual organizations have created nationally-recognized financial literacy programs, pushed big banks to re-invest in the communities devastated by foreclosure, and moved public money out of the worst-offending financial institutions.

  10. Health Care

    Metro IAF's affiliate in Boston played a central role in the passage of the 2006 bi-partisan Massachusets health care law, which has provided health coverage to over 500,000 people and has became a model for national reform.  Other Metro IAF affiliates have worked to expand coverage and improve systems in their own states.

  11. Jobs

    Metro IAF's Baltimore affiliate launched the international Living Wage movement with the world's first living wage ordinance in 1994, which has since spread to over 200 cities globally.

  12. Immigration

    Metro IAF organizations and Maryland and Connecticut spearheaded the effort to pass state versions of the DREAM act -- producing the only pro-immigrant legislation to pass in the USA in 2011.

  13. Housing

    Through the nationally-recognized Nehemiah Homes initiative, Metro IAF affiliates have built over 6000 affordable homes in the South Bronx, East Brooklyn, Baltimore, Philadelphia, and Washington, DC.  Our work in other states has capitalized hundreds of millions of dollars in new affordable housing development.

  14. Anti-Corruption

    Metro IAF organizations use the power of organized people to hold our elected officials accountable.