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Issues & Victories

Senior Issues

PATH wins home care subsidies for 300 Maryland seniors.


Thanks to the organizing work of religious leaders in Howard County, the Maryland General Assembly's budget for 2013 includes $13 Million additional dollars to expand the Medicaid Waiver for Older Adults by 300 slots, as well as improve the program, expand services, and increase home care workers' pay.  This is a start to shifting Maryland's budget from institutionalized to home and community based care.  PATH worked closely with AARP, AFSCME and Secretary of Health and Mental Hygiene, Josh Sharfstein, to win on this issue. Dozens and dozens of PATH leaders came to and testified at hearings and small group meetings with key legislators.

AIM wins 140 units of senior housing in Montgomery County, MD

Action in Montgomery successfully organized for the development of 140 new senior housing units in downtown Silver Spring, a diverse and vibrant suburb immediately adjacent to the District of Columbia.   This new project was announced on March 20, 2012 by County Executive Isaiah Leggett in front of nearly 300 leaders of AIM congregations.  Sixty percent of these new homes will be affordable for low-income seniors, and transporation to nearby amenities will be included in this project. AIM volunteers came up with the idea for the housing after dozens of small group meetings with congregation members to form an agenda for their senior campaign. AIM is also pushing that developers of housing projects on county-owned land be required to set aside a portion of affordable units for senior residents.

In the News

East Brooklyn senior citizens are calling on city officials to make intersections safer to cross

Tuesday, May 29, 2012
New York Daily News

When Evelyn Patterson, 76, crossed Rockaway Blvd. in Ocean Hill on her way to church last month, she had the light — but still found herself dodging speeding cars.  Patterson was too slow for impatient drivers who were turning onto the three-lane street from Eastern Parkway before she was done crossing.

Put focus on home health care for seniors

Monday, January 16, 2012
News Day



There is hardly a day when we don't have a conversation with someone about an elderly relative who needs care. Who among us on Long Island isn't touched by seniors in the family who can no longer cook a meal or shower unaided, or who prematurely move to a nursing home because they can't afford or find a qualified home health aide?  The number of seniors on Long Island is quietly growing larger by the year, and the challenges in providing quality home health care and the workforce to deliver it are growing too.  Through several hundred individual conversations with congregants of different faiths and backgrounds, those of us at LI-CAN (Long Island Congregations Associations and Neighborhoods, a multifaith, nonpartisan citizens' organization) have heard the frustration of those unable to find qualified aides. Demand for home health aides far exceeds the number available, even though thousands of Long Islanders are unemployed....