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VOICE Protects Immigrant Community, Wins New Regulations for Students Celebrating Muslim and Jewish Holidays

At a 535-person action held in Fairfax County and a 275-person action in Prince William County, VOICE won commitments from both jurisdictions that County Police will not act as agents of Immigration Customs Enforcement (ICE). Public school systems in both counties also committed to honoring Jewish and Muslim holidays by issuing new regulations that student absences related to the celebration of religious holidays will not affect attendance records. There will also be no tests or major school events scheduled during those holidays.

Metro IAF New York Affiliates Win Commitments from NYPD Commissioner on Immigration & Gun Control

On April 30th, almost 700 leaders from SBC, MT and EBC packed Immaculate Conception Church in the South Bronx. NYPD Commissioner O’Neill committed to action if any local police would not work with us, and to meet to be fully briefed on DNSIB. He also committed to work with us to find concrete ways to quell fear in immigrant communities around deportations. Commissioner O’Neill will attend an EBC Assembly in June to report on actions he is taking with Metro IAF.

Press coverage is available HERE and HERE.

Metro IAF Leader Rabbi Mosbacher & the Trump Refugee Order

Rabbi Joel Mosbacher had just finished the morning's Shabbat service when he got an urgent message: Rabbis were needed at New York's Kennedy Airport. People were being detained under President Donald Trump's sharp travel restrictions on refugees. Would he come pray?